Tiger Meet Spottersday

Kleine Brogel airbase hosted the 2009 Nato Tiger Meet. With participants from all over NATO the Tiger Meet is always packed with a great variety of aircraft and 2009 was no exception. Unfortunately on the burendag the weather conditions were not that great: low hanging overcast made flying conditions less from ideal, but did accentuate the afterburners during take off!

A raffle was held at the gate with as main price a flight in the Belgium airforce Embraer ERJ-135. To my surprise I won (actually my wife had the winning ticket, but she gave it to me) and I had a great low level flight over Belgium as well.


I shot a lot of video with the camcorder, but when I got home was disappointed with the result. Lots of shaking images, poor quality video. So I never got to editing the material, until 2022. Seeing the awesome variety of aircraft made me decide to give it a try.

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