Film or photo?

Each time I arrive at an exercise, basevisit or airshow there is this difficult question to be answered: am I going to do photo or film today? At first I tried to do a bit of both, but filming does require a completely different mindset from photographing. For filming you need to think in scenarios upfront, the positioning is different and ideally you want to walk around a bit to get various angles in your movie.

Sometimes the decision is easy to take: crowded airshows leave little room to find a stable position for the tripod and walking around means that you have to give up that awesome spot at the fence that you claimed that morning. But most of the time it is a tough decision.


Two examples from last year: the easy decision was the Ostrava airshow. The weather was so horrible on the day of the airshow that I decided to start filming right away. I already photographed most of the aircraft during the rehearsals in much better weather.

A tough decision was the base visit at Minsk Mazowiecki. I love the MiG-29 and the Su-22s were a great bonus. We got so close to the action, especially during take off that I had a tough time taking a decision. In the end I spent all day photographing and shot a few flims in between just to make sure I wouldn't regret it. This resulted in a 30sec impression movie.

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