ELE Rally 2023

Was last years visit to the ELE rally a bit of an impromptu event, this year I decided to do some pre-work. I bought the magazine to have a good map of the Wintelre section of the rally and since I know the surroundings quite well I selected a few spots to go to.

The first spot was a bit of a disappointment: I hoped the unpaved road would lead to dust trails but that wasn't the case and the grass was a bit high next to the road as well. I decided to try some panning shots, but the autofocus of my camera didn't agree with that, so I jumped on my mountainbike to travel to spot number 2.

And boy, was I happy I did. Spot 2 was on a sharp turn in an unpaved road and this time the dust trails were there! And thanks to the wind, the dust clouds were also in my hair, my camera, lens and in my pants on places I couldn't reach for a good scratch. But I didn't care, this was an awesome spot!

But when there was a pause due to a mechanical failure with one of the contestants I decided to move again to a 3rd spot. The place I had in mind at first wasn't a success as there was too much shade so I went to the other side of the forest, for yet another turn in an unpaved road. That too proved to be a great spot and when the marshallers offered me coffee I was as happy as I can be!


For the second run I went home to pick up my son and together we had a blast at the corner and after a while we went a bit deeper in the forest, next to a straight strip. And although there was plenty of room next to the road, that spot didn't feel completely safe so after a few cars we decided to go home and take a shower.

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