Le Bourget 1991

In 1991 I was able to visit the Le Bourget airshow in Paris with Onze Luchtmacht. Being not even 16 years old this sure was an enormous adventure and with Operation Desert Storm fresh in mind my expectations were high. But what a disappointment it was. The "show" is mostly a static show with the aircraft packed closely together and the fence way too close to the aircraft. Which means you either use the 28mm lens and get all banana-shots or you use the 50mm and have half people/half airplane shots. I choose the latter.

Highlights were the aircraft from the USS Forrestal, the MiG-31 and the Rafale A. 


But as said, it was quite disappointing. The slides I took that day have been in storage for many years, until the rain kept me inside during the Xmas vacation of 2023. I scanned most of them, got tired of trying to get the quality optimal so selected a few of the "best".

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