2010-2014 · 23. November 2014
On a very cold evening in November 2014 I joined the KNVOL on a trip behind the scenes of evening flying at Volkel air force base. I was so happy I brought a tripod as the cold got me shivering after a while. And although flying activity was limited, the experience sure was intense!
2010-2014 · 19. April 2014
About 4 times a year the donors of the KLuHV are welcomed on site to have a nice day of flying activities, guided tours and if the planning works out they can witness a practise demo. For a few years I organised these sponsor days, resulting in a lot of smiling faces at the end of the day, as you can see why in this short report I shot in the spring of 2014.
2010-2014 · 13. April 2014
In 2014 I spent most of my time at the Koninklijke Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht as volunteer. Next to helping out with events I also shot some mini-documentaries, like this behind the scenes. A Belgium/French project spent a day at the KLuHV for their film "La Guerre des Ondes" and I had an awesome day helping out as well as shooting some behind the scenes footage.
2010-2014 · 31. October 2013
Leeuwarden F-16s at Eindhoven
In October the Eindhoven spotting group organised an afternoon on base that I was fortunate to join. We were allowed to walk in the shelter area and even photographed a few of the Leeuwarden F-16s parked in the shelters. What an awesome afternoon it was! At that time I just started filming and I was happy with the result. 8 years later I for sure would have done things differently but I keep the movie as is.
2010-2014 · 16. September 2013
In September and October the runways at Leeuwarden were closed for some maintenance. A few of the F-16s were temporary stationed at Eindhoven during those weeks. I took a day off from work and travelled to P4 to witness the F-16s. In the morning I witnessed what looked like a photoshoot since a PC-7 accompanied the KDC-10 and Dornier of the 334 squadron during landing. The weather went from good, to threatening and the last F-16s landed in heavy rain. Luckily I already positioned myself on the...
2010-2014 · 04. September 2013
Afternoon at Volkel
Early September Onze Luchtmacht organised a different kind of basevisit at Volkel. In stead of the regular behind-the-scenes we spent most of our time next to the runway. A pretty nice afternoon it was with lots of F-16 action.
2010-2014 · 20. July 2013
RIAT 2013
The Royal International Air Tattoo of 2013 was plagued by the challenging economical times worldwide. Although it is one of the largest airshows in the world missing sleep for two nights in a row due to being cramped up in a bus seat that is not suited for a guy of 2.00mtrs was a bit too much in 2013. Nevertheless with the Vulcan, Dambusters flyby and the A380 & Red Arrows formation as highlights it was still pretty neat.
2010-2014 · 30. November 2012
As a bonus, 9 F-16s from Leeuwarden airbase operated from Eindhoven airbase during the last week of November 2012. This exercise, called OPEVAL (Operational Evaluation) is a pre-exam for the CAPEVAL (Capability Evaluation) that will take place a year later. The CAPEVAL qualification is to verify the capability to temporary deploy a detachment of F-16s to an airbase abroad. The November light conditions proved a great background and I decided to spend 2 days around the air base to shoot some...
2010-2014 · 07. July 2012
The 2012 RIAT was a nice one. With a B-2A on static, the Republic of Korea Air Force’s Black Eagles display team flying eight KAI T-50B Golden Eagles, an US Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey, my beloved MiG-29 and the Vulcan it sure was one of the best recent editions. I planned to make an impression of the static display as well, it was not the effect I hoped for.
2010-2014 · 24. June 2012
Florennes airshow 2012
In 2012 the Belgian Airforce Days were held at Florennes and I joined the bustrip organised by Onze Luchtmacht to this nice event. Unfortunately the distance between public and the runway at Florennes is relatively large and I didn't have my best day filming. But, we sure did have a lot of fun, parked our bus right at the entrance of the static show, got on base free of charge and drank a few beers at the end of the day. All in all a day to remember!

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