2015 · 12. December 2015
Finally!!! Today we saw the premiere of my first "big" documentary! For over two years I followed our new Spitfire pilot (former F-16 demo pilot Sheik) during his transition to the Spitfire. And now the moment is there to show it to our volunteers and our Flying Partners. A real thrill! Thanks to Ben Ullings for the photo.
2015 · 31. August 2015
SIAF 2015 revisited
In 2015 Robert and I went to Slovakia for the SIAF airshow and to hunt for the mighty MiG-29s operated by the Slovak air force. The trip was a huge success: the airshow was great, the weather perfect, the hotel, food and beer awesome and on top of that we spent some good times with our Slovak friends. The only downside, my Tamron SP 70-300mm F/4-5.6 lens. The autofocus proved to be just too slow and the lens is limitated, most certainly beyond 80% of it max zoom. Once home I was so disappointed...
2015 · 03. August 2015
In order to be combat ready the Dutch Air Force helicopter squadrons regularly execute low flying training. I am fortunate to live close to a training area called GLV-V near Oirschot. This small area consists of forest and sandy parts and the helicopters can be spotted from close distance. On a sunny and hot afternoon I heard an Apache in the area and decided to go. My first idea was to shoot a sort of hide-and-seek theme video but as the area is a military training area I decided to keep it...
2015 · 27. June 2015
Flypast Veteranendag
Veteranendag 2015 was the first flight as B-25 Captain for Gerard. Since the KluHV planned to fly with several aircraft in the flypast it was decided to shoot a "Behind the scenes" of this event, from briefing to debriefing. I followed Gerard that day and with the use of the on-board GoPros I managed to give an insight in how detailed planning and teamwork lead to success.
2015 · 23. April 2015
This year I went two consecutive days to Leeuwarden, to make sure the chances on good weather were doubled. The weather did not disappoint at all and we saw the usual mass launches and mass recoveries. Frisian Flag is always a joy! I split up the video in 2, one for take-off and one for the recovery action.
2015 · 05. April 2015
70 years The Final Push
What better way to spend a Sunday than in the back of a Piper Cub flying in close formation with your wife in the backseat of another Piper Cub? As part of the celebrations of 70 year liberation in The Netherlands, the KLuHV performed a flypast over the Twentekanaal. My wife and I were the lucky chosen ones for the two backseats and during the flight I shot sufficient material for a nice short report as well.