2021 · 07. October 2021
Farewell KDC-10
After decades of service the KLu says farewell to the KDC-10 with a flyby over The Netherlands.
2021 · 17. September 2021
Falcon Leap 2021
Similar to the past years the Falcon Leap exercise was held the weeks before the Market Garden commemoration. With 3 missions flown daily, I usually can quite easily time a quick visit to Eindhoven in between work to photograph the participants. This year however, due to Covid a base visit was understandably not possible, but the situation at work did not help either and I only got two chances to go to the airfield. I picked new spots for both occasions: the first week, during the golden hour I...
2021 · 13. September 2021
Kleine Brogel 2021 - Monday
The Spottersday on KeeBee on Monday was a real blast!
2021 · 12. September 2021
Kleine Brogel 2021
After 2 years of Covid silence the Spottersevent at Kleine Brogel was a very welcome re-start of the spotting hobby.
2021 · 19. April 2021
2021: the story of 2020 continues
Although we all had hoped that on New Year's Eve the Covid-19 pandemic would miraculously disappear, the reality was that 2021 proved to be not be much of an improvement. The early months of the year are usually used to plan airshows, train demos and for me to plan my spotter trips, but in 2021 I bought myself a new lens and I spent some happy times at Eindhoven Air Base. Over the year I captured the last fight of the J-630,C-17s from Papa, a few C-130s from all over the world and a Russian...
2021 · 17. March 2021
March Madness
The return of a Combat Aviation Brigade (the 101st this time) from their deployment in Europe to the USA via the Rotterdam harbour usually results in a lot of helicopters visiting Eindhoven for a night/tank stop. This year over 30 were expected and I decided to give them a go since I expected better results with my new lens. The largest amount was planned for Monday, but bad weather resulted in delay upon delay. In the end they were expected for around 4pm, so I met up with Robert at 3.30pm and...
2021 · 05. February 2021
Now that the first signs are again pointing towards a year with hardly any airshows or exercises to attend, I decided to spend some money on upgrading my equipment. With a budget in mind I started looking at second hand A77 bodies, when suddenly my attention was grabbed by an advert for a Sony 70-400mm G-class lens, for a very reasonable price too. I decided to make an offer and directly got a response that I could become the new owner. What a lens it is! In pristine condition, not the tiniest...
2020 · 31. December 2020
2020: a year to remember to forget
2019 ended with the annual discussions on the planning for the upcoming year between Robert and me. And as usual we agreed upon a nice plan for 2020: plane tickets were bought, hotel reservations made, vacation days arranged. Always great to have something to look forward to during the calm months of winter. But Covid-19 happened and pretty soon it became clear that the couch would become our best friend in 2020. It started with the cancellation of Frisian Flag, soon to be followed by Swift...
2020 · 12. October 2020
Every now and then you need a bit of luck. Like last Sunday when I decided pretty last minute to go and watch the take off of the SAC C-17. The sun was out, the departure time known thanks to EWAS and thus a quick visit was possible. And I sure was happy I decided to go! Not only were the autumn light conditions amazing, the C-17 crew decided to back up using their own engines which was awesome to witness from P4. And a bit of water on the platform created pretty cool effects too.
2020 · 17. September 2020
Falcon Leap 2020
The announcement of Falcon Leap 2020 came as a bit of a surprise for me, with Covid-19 flaring up all over Europe I was not expecting this exercise to be held. This year Falcon Leap was divided in 2 weeks, the first week cargo droppings were planned and the second week was reserved for the para droppings. The weather in the first week was bad, low overcast resulted in various cancelled missions. But on Thursday the sun came out and I decided to try my luck at the Scherpenering in the afternoon....

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