2017 · 16. September 2017
NATO Days Ostrava 2017: rain and fun!
Report of a wet but fun NATO days: great MiG-29 action and lots of clouds and vapors.
2017 · 26. August 2017
Radom Airshow 2017 - Flankers, Fulcrums and Fitters
A trip to Radom, Poland for the Radom Airshow
2017 · 21. June 2017
Base visit Woensdrecht: fire!
On a hot day in June I joined Onze Luchtmacht on a base visit of Woensdrecht air base. With only the EMVO (training) squadron and their PC-7s stationed, Woensdrecht is perhaps not the most spectacular base when it comes to jet noise, but it sure is an interesting base to visit. We spent some time at the EMVO and were allowed to walk around the PC-7s in the hangar, we also had a look at the immense maintenance hangar with several Apaches, Chinooks and F-16s stripped down and we spent some time...
2017 · 15. June 2017
Tactical Weapons Meet 2017
Tactical Weapons Meet spottersday at Florennes Air Base: what an awesome day!
2017 · 13. May 2017
Being a volunteer at the KLuHV sure has it perks: flying in the Beech!
2017 · 13. April 2017
Aerial combat is a skill much needed by every fighter pilot in order to survive, even in this day of high tech weaponry and beyond visual range rockets. Rules of Engagement, the fog of war or simply running out of rockets during combat might force a pilot to get into close proximity combat. Popular known as dogfighting! This skill requires practice, a lot of practice. And during the first weeks of April the pilots stationed at Volkel air base worked on their skills, tactics and techniques....
2017 · 30. March 2017
Frisian Flag 2017
Frisian Flag 2017: a small report. It was not until I got home and looked at my photos on the pc that I discovered this Mirage is wearing some ordnance!