2017 · 16. September 2017
NATO Days Ostrava: rain and fun!
Report of a wet but fun NATO days: great MiG-29 action and lots of clouds and vapors.
2017 · 26. August 2017
Radom Airshow - Flankers, Fulcrums and Fitters
A trip with 4Aviation to Radom, Poland for the Radom Airshow and a basevisit at Minsk Mazowiecki air base, the homebase of the mighty MiG-29.
2017 · 21. June 2017
Base visit Woensdrecht: fire!
Experiencing the movie Backdraft in real life at Woensdrecht, thanks to Onze Luchtmacht.
2017 · 15. June 2017
Tactical Weapons Meet 2017
Tactical Weapons Meet spottersday at Florennes Air Base: what an awesome day!
2017 · 13. May 2017
The Beautiful Beech
Being a volunteer at the KLuHV sure has it perks: flying in the Beech!
2017 · 13. April 2017
F-16 action from an exclusive spot at Volkel thanks to SGV.
2017 · 30. March 2017
Frisian Flag 2017
Frisian Flag 2017: a small report. It was not until I got home and looked at my photos on the pc that I discovered this Mirage is wearing some ordnance!