Spottersday Kleine Brogel

Back in 2005 Kleine Brogel hosted yet another awesome spottersday. Together with Robert we walked up and down the runway, from the crossing at the west side of the runway up to the spotterscorner between the runway and taxiway on the east side. Back then I was still shooting old school analogue slides. These are all stored in boxes in the attic and although I do have melancholy moments I never take the effort to start up the projector to watch them.

A while ago I scanned some of these slides, but the quality of the scans was so poor I did not want to invest the time to Lightroom them to a certain quality. Luckily we now have Covid-19 and after two years of hardly any aviation action I got to the point where I started working on those scans. The quality is still shit, but when browsed via mobile the scans do look decent. And that is good enough for now.

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