F-16 demoteam behind the scenes

Up close and personal with the F-16 Demoteam of the KLu!

Having won a contest on Radio8FM, I was invited together with 9 others to spend a day with the F-16 Demoteam and to witness all the preparation it takes to fly such a high performance, perfectly timed show.

Of course I had my camera with me, but as we parked the car at the gate I decided to enjoy first and shoot images and movies second. It really was a once in a lifetime experience: to be at the table during the briefing, to stand next to the jet as Stitch did his walk-around, to be asked to step aside so the jet can taxi out (lol), to have coffee in the 312sqn crewroom, it was AWESOME! Of course I did do some shooting and afterwards I was happy to have at least some material.

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