This blog is written in 2021, so 8 years after the show and to be honest: I don't remember that much of the show itself.

What I do remember is the arrival day. Although there was a spotters event organised we decided to stay outside of the fence. It was a great day, especially the Greek A-7s that announced a low approach that was so low we didn't even see (or hear) them coming. Luckily I had my camera at the ready and I was able to shoot that awesome low-fast-and-loud approach they did.

The footage I shot made it into the Official video of Hellenic 336 Squadron, celebrating the 70 years anniversary of service to Hellenic Airforce (at 4:20).

And I remember the heavy rain that ended the arrival day, just when the Swedish Viggen was about to come in. Thanks to the camera raincoat Robert provided I did manage to capture that one as well.

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