Evening photography - updated

One of the biggest challenges in photography is evening photography. With the limited amount of light available it takes some technical skills and most of all a lot of patience to make a good photo.

On this evening in December I was part of a small group of spotters that got the opportunity to photograph at Eindhoven airbase, thanks to Onze Luchtmacht.

We spent a good hour on the platform to photograph the local KDC-10 & Gulfstream and the awesome An-12, that was scheduled to leave while we were at the platform. After some experimenting with the white balance, the aperture and shutter time I got the settings right and the other difficult part of evening photography kicked in: patience. You sure have to do a lot of waiting while the shutter is open.

Just as we were about to leave the German Transall that had been doing engine runs at the other side of the field was towed back. The perfect end of an evening well spent!

Update: After a tip in a Facebook group I have worked a bit with the white balance settings in Photoshop and the photos sure look better now!

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