Radom Airshow - Flankers, Fulcrums and Fitters

Together with my friend Robert I went on a trip to the Radom Airshow with 4Aviation. It was our first experience with this aviation travel agency and one to remember!!!! Not only did we have lots of laughs, we also had an excellent organised trip.

After the flight to Poland, we transferred to two small vans and went on our way to Radom. Apart from witnessing a car crash, followed by a fight the trip was eventless. We started at Deblin airbase and the local museum. At the museum I was struck by the An-2, in horrible state and I decided to take some video shots to see if I could make a bit of a dramatic shortfilm. The title "Weathered Annie" is more than appropriate. 


The next day we went to Radom to watch the rehearsals and arrivals, including the flypast of the Polish air force. 6 MiG-29s in close formation, my trip was already a success!

Highlight was the basevisit at Minsk Mazowiecki air base, normally this is the homebase of the mighty MiG-29, but because of the Polish Air Force Parade during the show, the base also hosted 6 Su-22 Fitters. Thanks to our host Andrzej we were positioned at the perfect spots during pre-flight checks, take off and arrivals. What a day that was!

During the Radom show itself our tour guide advised to spend the day outside the fence due to the back-light conditions on base. We found a spot in a parking lot where we spend the day between the barbecuing Polish. The show went into the late afternoon providing us with some nice light conditions in the end.

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