NATO Days Ostrava 2017: rain and fun!

Based on some footage I saw on YouTube I decided to give the NATO days in Ostrava a go and luckily 4Aviation provided me with the opportunity.

It sure was a nice show, but what a terrible weather! The trip started on Thursday to catch the rehearsals and arrivals. We also spend a day outside the fence for the rehearsals on Friday. Both days had reasonable weather, with some sun as well. On Saturday we had low hanging clouds all day, forcing the Saudi Hawks to cancel their show, the weather forecast for Sunday was even worse. And with the predicted 55mm of rain we decided to not go at all.

Most of the photos are taken on Thursday and Friday. I spent almost the entire Saturday at the fence to watch the tanks and ground forces demonstrations. Seeing a T-72 drive over a car is awesome! And although we knew the T-72 would do some live firing, I got startled by it to the extend that it is visible in the movie I shot. Hahaha, what a bang that was!

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