Tigers at Twenthe '92

Late March 1992 a mini Tigermeet was held at Twenthe. And while the rest of my class went on a field trip, I called in sick and had a field trip of my own. The spottersday consisted of a static line only, with a few aircraft coming in (two Norwegian F-5s and an F-111). Photographic conditions were good as it wasn't too crowded and some platforms were dispatched to be used a photo platforms. The weather was as expected early spring: wet. But in the afternoon it got better. What I remember most was the UK F-4 that did a low pass over the area in full afterburner, making car alarms go off.


The slides I made that day with my second hand Minolta camera have been in storage all those years. Just recently I decided to not let them go to waste and bought a slide scanner: a Reflecta x10. Not the best quality, but I do enjoy seeing those old slides come back to life!

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    william hubert stevens (Thursday, 12 August 2021 21:55)

    i was there with aeroprint tours from the uk

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    Rick (Monday, 25 July 2022 02:48)

    Great TDY, was there with the F-15 Tigers from Bitburg.