Frisian Flag 2019

Frisian Flag, the traditional start of the spotting season did not disappoint at all this year. I went on two separate occasions: first on base with the KNV Onze Luchtmacht and in the second week I went with my friend Robert.


On both days we saw big missions both in the morning and afternoon, with around 50 fighters participating. The participants were not as diverse as with previous editions, but it is still an enormous joy to see all those gorgeous F-16s. In a few years they will be replaced by the F-35 in the Netherlands so I enjoy them as much as I can nowadays. Next to the Dutch F-16s we saw F-16s from Poland and the Minnesota Air National Guard, Mirage 2000s from France, F-18s from Switzerland and German EF-2000s.


Weatherwise it was challenging, especially in the second week when the wind blew hard, making it almost too cold for comfort..... almost!


I ended up with many photos, here's a small selection as well as a short movie I shot from the take offs.

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