Kleine Brogel 2021 - Monday

The spottersday on Monday was planned to be all about the XTM Joint Jubilee 2021, the XT-Roar-dinary Tiger Event. Scheduled as a condensed flying exercise with main theme 60 years Nato Tiger Association along with 70 years 31SQN. 

However in the weeks prior to the event it was announced that a lack of preparation due to Covid-19 meant that the flying part of the exercise was cancelled. I seriously doubted to go to the spottersday, but Robert got intel that Monday would become departure day and that made me change my mind.


And was I happy I did! The weather was awesome, the spot we picked proved to be perfect and I ended up with a lot of nice action shots. We did miss the F-18s from Finland who departed as we were still walking towards the gate, but in the mean time the rest of the day also made up for it. What a blast! I tried to play a bit with the composition of the shots so that I did not end up with hundreds of almost identical photos. The variety in take offs did help me on that aspect! At 2pm the call came that all aircraft were gone and we decided to call it a day. 

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