Frisian Flag

At last, after a 2 years absence due to Covid-19 Frisian Flag was again organised. And it turned out to be an edition with a lot of variety. Unfortunately, due to the war in the Ukraine the Polish cancelled their F-16s and MiG-29s  and the German participants flew their missions from their home base. But still, with participants from Italy, France, Canada, the USA and The Netherlands we witnessed a nice variety of aircraft. 

After the morning mission left on Wednesday we heard some rumble above us and suddenly the sky was filled with vapor trails. So we were able to witness part of the exercise as interlude during the morning. 

Robert and I planned to go 2 days, hoping at least one of them would turn out nice weather-wise. The forecast was not too well: after a month of sunshine, the weather was predicted to take a turn for the worst during the first week of Frisian Flag. But on Wednesday we had sunny conditions right when we needed it most and apart from the ever present chilly Frisian wind it was a good day. On Thursday snow was predicted so we decided to head for home at the end of Wednesday, with about 1000 shots on the SD card already.


I mounted a small compact camera on top of my Sony A58 and took some video as well. The quality is not that well, but it is always great to have some moving images too. I didn't do much editing, just put the shots back-2-back to give an impression of the recovery of the morning wave. Due to the misalignment of the camera mount vs lens position on the compact camera I cannot zoom in too much, which made the shots taken during take off not that interesting, apart from the flaming Tornado of course.

All in all I was happy with the result and when the clouds got a bit too grey during the afternoon recovery I packed my camera and just watched, enjoying the sights and sounds of Frisian Flag, Finally Frisian Flag again!

An added bonus were the airlift visitors.

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