ELE Rally

For the past few years to me the ELE Rally was not much more than a few road closures. Cars are not really my cup of tea, but when I looked at some of the shots Jurien Minke (Chasing Asphalt) did of the Ad Brands Rallyteam I got curious. So with some awesome weather as additional motivation I headed to the Wintelre surroundings. Based on the route information I got from Jurien I planned a spot just after a slight turn in the road and when I arrived I noticed a small bench that made it possible to shoot over the tall grass. A great spot indeed.

And boy, what a lot of fun this rallysport is. Noise, speed, action... I love it! Unfortunately a big crash (luckily without injuries) put a halt to the event and I decided I didn't want to wait and headed back home, with a good amount of photos already.


Since I had no clue how the planning was I stayed at this one spot and decided not to wander around. Next year I will be back for sure and I will try more spots to get more variety in photos.

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