Belgian Air Force Days 2023

The Spottersdag for the Belgian Air Force Days at Kleine Brogel was opposite of the last years version in all ways possible. Was last year a boring day in the rain, this year was a fun day in the burning hot sun. Damn, it was HOT!

But the aircraft action made up for the heat. The day started, traditionally, with a rehearsal while Robert and I were still walking towards the show area. we quickly grabbed our gear only to discover that the 2 second delay timer was activated and whatever I tried, I couldn't get it switched off. STRESS!!! I finally decided to reset my camera to factory settings and then quickly redid all my personal settings, hoping I didn't screw up. But after a few test shots all seemed well, so we settled for a spot at the fence.

Although the spot was okay, with a clear view on the runway we decided to walk a bit further down the area. With the expected heat haze we could best position ourselves near the rotation point. The second spot proved to be excellent and when after his demo Vrieske parked his F-16 in front of us I was happy we switched. The rest of the day provided clear skies, with enough moist for some nice vapor shots of the F-35! But when it was near 5pm we both had enough sun for a day and packed our bags.

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