Frisian Flag 2023

With the major runway reconstruction at Leeuwarden air base planned for 2023 Frisian Flag was shifted to autumn, the first weeks of October. I managed to plan a few days off in a loaded schedule at work and not only planned for the traditional 2 day trip with Robert I also booked a seat for the on base trip with the Onze Luchtmacht. Happy days!

But as the exercise got closer, the list of participants was a bit of a downer, many Dutch F-35s and only a handful of foreign participants. But still, it beats a day at the office!

The days prior to the trip with Robert the weather forecast got worse and worse. Hardly any sun, rain or drizzle all day.... So on Saturday we decided not to go. And I hoped and wished the weather would get better on Friday for the on base trip.

But it did not look good at all. When we arrived early in the morning (after having departed at 5am, seriously) it was raining. But it cleared just in time and there was even a bit of sun during the morning take off. After that we all got back in the bus for a trip to the registration point and then on base.

We were located on the "usual" spot on base and I was lucky to be in the first bus in line so I could pick a decent spot. After some waiting the noise level got up and we were treated to a full scale afternoon mission. Lots of F-35s, some nice German Eufis and the Finnish F-18s and Belgium F-16s also participated. We had a bit of sun at take off but during recovery it got back grey again.

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