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2021 · 25. October 2021
Adieu KDC-10
A grey and cold October Monday morning, characteristic conditions for a farewell.
2021 · 07. October 2021
Farewell flight KDC-10
After decades of service the KLu says farewell to the KDC-10 with a flyby over The Netherlands.
2021 · 17. September 2021
Falcon Leap 2021
Just the two occasions to visit Falcon Leap this year, but still a nice result.
2020 · 31. December 2020
2020: a year to remember to forget
How Covid-19 messed up my plans and good old Eindhoven Air Base provided some distractions.
2020 · 17. September 2020
Falcon Leap 2020
One of the few exercises that did not get cancelled: Falcon Leap!