Pre 2010

Pre 2010 · 31. December 2010
Next to the small collection of shots from the early nineties that I showed before I also took some hours to sort through my more recent slides. And after some re-editing I selected those that form my highlights from slides. From the mighty An-225 at my homebase Eindhoven to the awesome Greek A-7 formation take-off, it makes me wish I had started using a digital camera some years earlier. But hey, we still have the slides!
Pre 2010 · 30. September 2007
Kleine Brogel 2007
In the early 2000s Kleine Brogel was the place to be for a military aircraft enthusiast. (Almost) each year a large scale exercise was held at the airbase and the staff of the 10th tactical wing always organised a spotters event, that went beyond expectations. Being allowed that close to the action was remarkable. The COMAO (Combined Air Operations) exercise in 2007 was no exception. Held in July the weather cooperated as well, having a nice mixture of clouds and sun. Together with my friend...
Pre 2010 · 31. December 2005
Slides from 2005
Since Minolta completely missed the digital revolution in photography I was still analogue in 2005 while most of my colleague-spotters were already digital. Switching to a different brand meant investing in both a digital camera and lenses, that was just a bit too much. I do enjoy setting up the projector and watch the slides from that period every now and then. And although most of the quality gets lost when I scan them (mostly because I do not want to invest in an expensive slide scanner) I...
Pre 2010 · 31. July 2005
Leeuwarden 2005
In 2005 I found myself in a reorganisation at work and during the summer months I had a bit more spare time and freedom than usual. So the moment I learned that Leeuwarden was hosting some Lakenheath F-15Cs I started making plans to go. The weather forecast looked good, so I took my gear and went to the North. To my surprise it was not that busy at the spottershill, but I still had a great day with some awesome action of the Mighty Eagles from Lakenheath. 15 years later several of the Dutch...
Pre 2010 · 31. December 2000
It was back in 1989 that my older brother first took me to spend a day at the Langenbergseweg, the spottersplace of Gilze-Rijen air base. Seeing the NF-5s land at just a few meters over the road, the new F-16A with that sleek design: I was hooked for life! Between 1990 and 1995 I spent almost all my days off school spotting. Having to ride my bicycle for the 27km (single-trip) journey wasn't an issue at all. Although I still can remember those days where the only visitors were PC-7s, it was an...
Pre 2010 · 31. October 1992
Tigers at Twenthe '92
In March 1992 a mini Tigermeet was held at Twenthe